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Primary and Grammar School Complex in P這ciczno – Tartak


Leading Institution:                  

Parish Council in Suwa趾i

Supervising Institution          

Education Council in Bia造stok

The School Complex consists of:

The Kindergarten for six – year – old children

Primary School

Grammar School

Principal ( headministress):     

Helena Balonis

Number of classes:                     

10 with class “ 0 “ ( Kindergarten )

Number of classrooms:               

8, gymnasium, Information       

Technology classroom

Number of students: 138

Number of teachers: 14

Staff: 2 ushers, upkeeper

Institutions functioning in school:

Student’s Council, Parent’s Council

The district of School Complex:

P這ciczno – Tartak

P這ciczno Osiedle

Gawrych Ruda




Mission of school


The mission of school is to create personality of young person in terms of  their moral, mental and physical development. Moreover,  they are taught how to respect the law, the natural resources and the cultural achievements.



Vision of school:


We wish students leaving our school were young people with valuable personality and knowledge in order to function in society. We are also hoping that obtained knowledge will be used in everyday situations.




The school was established in1953. In the years 1999 – 2000 there was made overhaul of school.Today students can learn and rest in beautiful well-equiped classrooms, as well as in modern Information Technology classroom with access to internet.

Students are very engaged in creating and constant developing regional room functionig in school. Taking part in collecting and describing historical goods from the region is a great form of patriotic and regional education. Our students are very determined in publishing school newspapers such as: “ Gryzmo造 z naszej szko造” for primary school as well as “ Gim-Flash “ for grammar school. What is more, they are always willing to take part in different kinds of school and interschool competitions, many times with very good results. Very often students go to the cinema, museum and theatre.

The school is located in beautiful area of Suwalszczyzna. It leads to educate students in a need to analyse the environment. This is the main reason teachers pay attention to ecological education.

The great advantage of  school is the fact that it is a small institution. The small number of srudents makes it possible to pay attention to everyone.



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